Understanding Filtration Replacement Requirements – Free Download

There are hundreds of different filters available out in the market for your spray booth and finishing equipment. There are many different filter manufacturers out there, and each filter they design is for a specific purpose or unique piece of equipment, and the unique design characteristics in each filter mean that they will perform differently depending on what coating you’re spraying in the booth.

So how do you figure out exactly what filter is the best choice for your unique needs?

Well, if you’re not sure then this helpful PDF guide could be just the reference you need!

Click HERE to download your free copy!

GFS put this guide together to make it easy to understand what the different filter types are designed for, and what you need to know to choose the right replacement. We hope you find the info here useful! If you have additional questions that might not be answered in that PDF, feel free to ask our experts a question through the GFS Finishing Academy site -> Ask us a question here!

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