Working at GFS

Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) is a family-owned and operated company, focused on our family of exceptional employees. With this “people-first” approach, our employees have every chance to flourish and make their mark. This is especially true for a company of our size and culture. Although a large and growing business — with more than 400 employees — our heart is in the small town, homegrown values. Headquartered in Osseo, Wisconsin, we are just a short 20-minute drive to Eau Claire and less than a two-hour drive to the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Many of our employees enjoy spending their free time outdoors, with year-round activities such as hunting, fishing, biking, running, snowmobiling and boating.

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Our Culture

Our core values define our company culture and guide every aspect of our business. A low turnover rate — with many of our employees staying with us through retirement — is a testament to the culture we have built and continue to live by.  Coupled with a strong work ethic, GFS continually invests and reinvests in our employees, encouraging them to advance within the company and their career, as well as celebrating their successes within the company. Below is a snapshot of how GFS likes to give back to our employees and invest in our company culture.


GFS is committed to assisting our six employee-run committees throughout the year. All employees are invited to participate in a committee and typically meet on a monthly basis during work hours.

Charitable Donations

We love to give back — to our employees, community and the people who live in it. GFS provides monetary donations, scholarships and custom-made fire rings for community events, fundraisers, silent auctions and more.

Global Goodness

Global Goodness is a GFS employee recognition program that acknowledges and rewards employees for going above and beyond their normal job duties. Employees are nominated by other employees, and the committee selects monthly, quarterly and annual winners.

Employee Outings

GFS plans fun events every year for employees and their families. This includes an annual holiday party, spring family outing, and summer golf and bean bags outing for employees and significant others.


From personal protective equipment (PPE) to lockout/tagout to material handling equipment, the safety committee provides an open forum to discuss recent accidents, near misses, corrective actions and opportunities for improvement.


The goal of the ergonomics committee is to relieve pain and discomfort from your daily desk life. Employees can request to be evaluated for a ball chair, standing desk or other ergonomic desk accessories.

We Care

GFS is dedicated to helping employees in times of need due to prolonged illness or natural disasters. Programs and fundraising efforts are held at GFS throughout the year, with 100 percent of the money raised going to GFS families in need.


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