Speed Up Your Operation with Infrared Drying Technology
Learn more about how short wave electric infrared drying technology can speed up your shop.


In partnership with FenderBender, this whitepaper from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) will cover everything you want and need to know about:

  • Gas catalytic systems
  • Electric infrared systems
  • The benefit of achieving one more car a day
  • How shops are seeing immediate returns with REVO Systems
  • The energy savings offered by electric IR

In this educational article, you will learn:

  • How electric IR technology works
  • How to improve time and quality in your prep area
  • Body filler secrets
  • Better priming practices
  • How to increase your overall paint shop throughput

Expand your shop’s service capabilities and increase revenue by adding an extended-height paint booth to your facility. This in-depth field guide will help you determine:

  • The size of paint booth you need to refinish heavy-duty trucks and vehicles
  • What airflow style works best for your finishing process
  • Best practices for painting inside your paint booth
  • How to maintain cleanliness and make your investment last
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