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For metal fabricators in the market for new finishing equipment, there are many factors to consider when deciding what type of industrial paint booth is best for your business.

The spray booth you select should enable your metal fabrication business to fulfill its production requirements while also achieving the desired finish quality. You want to invest in industrial finishing systems that not only will meet your business’ needs in its current state but will be sufficient as your business grows and changes.

In this free white paper, woodworkers and other industrial manufacturers will learn how to boost production and increase finish quality by adding a low-temperature industrial oven to their shop layout. Available in numerous sizes and different configurations, low-temperature industrial ovens — also known as drying enclosures — provide a dedicated space for the curing of liquid coatings.

In addition to protecting the environment, complying with state, national and local codes and regulations, and keeping your employees and facility safe, enclosing the painting process in a booth results in better quality paint jobs that are free of contaminants.

Where should you start when buying a paint booth? This free workbook will help guide you through the process.

In this guide, we will walk you through what aspects of your powder coating system can receive a boost, including:

  1. How you can reclaim wasted powder by incorporating fluidized beds or drawers into your powder booth, saving your business a lot of money and reducing time spent removing wasted powder
  2. Why pulse control technology is beneficial for providing more consistent airflow and better visibility in your powder booth, in addition to keeping filters from excessively loading
  3. How a manual VFD makes controlling airflow in your powder booth easier, helping reduce wasted powder and protecting your employees

This ultimate guide to storing paint in industrial applications will cover:

  • Storage conditions for each type of coating
  • Safety considerations for hazardous materials
  • How to increase paint productivity
  • How to achieve code compliance
  • Benefits of using a Hazardous Material Storage Building

In this educational article, you will learn:

  • How to control quality and improve turnaround time
  • Which costs are cut in order to increase profitability
  • Benefits of positioning your powder coating operation for success
  • How having the right equipment can make all the difference

In this guide, we will walk you through what aspects of your business can impact your paint booth needs and affect your purchase:

  • Productivity needs
  • Coating & quality requirements
  • Boat size
  • Facility design
  • Service & support
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