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Batch Powder Coating Booths & Ovens for Body Shops & Collision Repair Centers

One-Stop Shop for Powder Coating Wheels & Aftermarket Components

With a complete line of finishing equipment for batch powder coating — including powder coating booths and curing ovens — Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) serves as a one-stop shop for automotive body shops and collision repair centers looking to bring powder coating in-house. Batch powder coating equipment from GFS enables body shops to efficiently powder coat and cure wheels, custom off-road trucks, motorcycles and UTVs, as well as aftermarket components, in small- to medium-sized batch operations, ensuring high-quality finishes and increased throughput. By bringing powder coating in-house with GFS equipment, body shops can shorten lead times, increase profitability while better controlling product quality and production rates, and even establish new business opportunities.

Batch Powder Coating Systems


Precision engineered for excellent performance and efficiency, Batch Powder Coating Booths from GFS enable body shops to more quickly repair wheels, avoiding the possibility of unforeseen delays when using a subcontractor. Batch Powder Coating Booths come in multiple size and feature options to meet your production, budget and floor space requirements. The booth can be positioned in nearly any available space in your shop, with the powder coated wheels easily moved to the reassembly area following curing.

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Batch Powder Ovens from GFS deliver consistent, high-quality finishes for small- to medium-sized batch powder coating applications. Excellent heat distribution enables the oven to get up to temperature quickly, resulting in shorter cycle times and increased throughput. Available in a range of pre-engineered sizes and options, GFS Batch Powder Ovens are designed to meet your budget and lead time expectations, without compromising on quality.

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Quicker Turnaround Time

When a body shop is in a time crunch, having an in-house powder coating operation increases the likelihood of meeting key-to-key time deadlines imposed by insurance companies. You are in complete control of production when powder coating in-house to ensure jobs are finished on time, or sooner. This may also help you stand out against the competition in the eyes of insurance companies, who are more likely to award repeat business to body shops that get jobs done on time, the first time. 


When powder coating in-house with GFS equipment, high-quality finishes with less rework can help produce happy customers and satisfied insurance companies. Without subcontractors, your shop also controls quality, lead times and costing, making your operations more predictable.

Significant Cost Savings

The cost of outsourcing can be as much as 10 times the cost of an in-house, small batch run of wheels. Further savings are realized in larger batch runs. Powder and pretreatment chemicals are relatively inexpensive, and energy consumption for powder coating equipment is relatively low.

Body shops with in-house powder coating can see a return on investment of less than a year. For high-production shops, the cost of GFS powder coating equipment is often half the amount spent annually on outsourcing.

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