Curing Solutions for Automotive Body Shops & Industrial Businesses

Whether looking to cure vehicles faster in automotive body shops or curing parts in industrial ovens, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) has curing products that are expertly designed, engineered and manufactured, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. At the forefront of the finishing technology industry, GFS is continuously improving its product lines and developing new products that enhance paint finish quality, increase throughput and exceed performance requirements.

GFS Cure Products

Accelerated Curing Systems

Get more automotive repairs done faster with GFS accelerated curing systems. Cure filler and coatings quickly from the inside out with REVO Accelerated Curing Systems, benefiting from the fastest curing time in the industry for both prep and paint processes. Another option is AdvanceCure® Accelerated Airflow Systems, which greatly reduces the amount of time needed to dry any type of base coat — be it waterborne or solvent-based — to help shops be more productive, efficient and profitable.

GFS Accelerated Curing systems - REVO and AdvanceCure units

Paint Booth Heaters

GFS offers three types of air heaters for automotive paint booths — the roof-integrated SpaceSaver® heat system, which does not add on to the booth’s footprint and provides high performance in a low-profile package; the top-of-the-line GUL2000 heat system; and the highly versatile BT1200 heat unit, which can be placed on the side or rear of a booth.

For industrial applications, direct, gas-fired Air Make-Up Units (AMUs) from GFS provide an economical source of replacement air, furnished with a heater, filters, motor and blower, controls, mounting hardware, and auxiliary equipment.

GFS Heaters for Industrial and Auto Refinish Paint Booths

Industrial Ovens

GFS industrial ovens lead the industry in heat transfer technology. GFS offers three types of industrial ovens — Batch Process Ovens, which are designed for drying, curing, baking or preheating; Batch Powder Ovens, which are precision engineered for small- to medium-sized batch powder coating applications; and Batch Burn-Off Ovens, which safely and efficiently remove baked-on paint from racks, hooks and fixtures.

GFS Industrial oven with product doors open

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