Maximize Productivity with Paint Booth Heating Solutions

Whether looking to heat your automotive paint booth or economically replace air in your industrial paint booth, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) has products to meet your business’ unique needs. GFS automotive paint booth heaters are efficient heating systems for your booth, and GFS industrial Air Make-Up Units (AMUs) provide an economic source of replacement air — both designed to help your business maximize productivity and increase throughput.

Paint Booth Heating

Automotive Paint Booth Heaters

GFS offers three types of air heaters for automotive paint booths — the roof-integrated SpaceSaver® heat system, which does not add on to the booth’s footprint and provides high performance in a low-profile package; the top-of-the-line GUL2000 heat system; and the highly versatile BT1200 heat unit, which can be placed on the side or rear of a booth.

GFS Auto Refinish Heat Units

Industrial Air Make-Up Units

For industrial applications, GFS’ direct, gas-fired AMUs provide an economical source of replacement air. GFS industrial AMUs are furnished with a heater, filters, motor and blower, controls, mounting hardware, and auxiliary equipment.

vertical ad horizontal Air Make Up units by GFS

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