Service & Preventative Maintenance

Service & Preventative Maintenance Programs

Service & Preventative Maintenance Programs from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) take the hassle out of maintaining your finishing equipment and ensure it continues to operate in peak condition for years to come. GFS offers a variety of programs — which may include quarterly and annual site visits, filter and part replacement, booth cleaning, and just-in-time filter replenishment — or can customize a plan to fit your business’ needs.

In addition to GFS’ Service & Preventative Maintenance Programs, which are offered directly from GFS, our extensive network of qualified distributors across North America offer customized service and preventative maintenance programs to extend the life of your paint booth or finishing equipment.

Program Features

GFS Service & Preventative Maintenance programs help ensure your paint booth is running properly, reducing costly downtime and prolonging its lifespan. Booth inspections help identify potential issues before they become bigger, costlier ones.

GFS - SPM Technician servicing paint booth doors

Improper booth care and cleaning can lead to parts wearing down or falling apart, creating a potentially dangerous situation for your employees. GFS technicians inspect all booth components to ensure a safe working environment.

GFS - SPM technician servicing GFS Paint Booth Heat Unit

A clean booth with optimal airflow allows for better-quality paint finishes. In addition to inspecting the performance of the booth, GFS technicians will deep clean the booth annually. This includes the application of Booth Shield® — a peelable protective booth coating — for a clean, bright painting environment.

GFS - SPM, after paint booth has been serviced

GFS’ certified technicians are experienced at identifying and correcting potential booth issues. In addition to working with GFS booths, our technicians have performed service and maintenance on more than 20 brands of paint booths.

GFS SPM Services

Our dedicated team of representatives is available — via a direct phone number and email address — to assist you with scheduling site visits, filter or part replacement, or emergency service.

dedicated GFS - SPM Service Technicians on the phone

We continually strive to provide outstanding customer service. You can count on GFS’ Service & Preventative Maintenance team for record response times, personalized service and knowledgeable representatives.

GFS Phone Technician on line helping customer
GFS Service & Preventative Maintenance Services



4 visits per year


1 visit per year

Preventative Maintenance Services

Clean Bill of Health: Maintenance methods to keep your paint booth in top shape

In this FREE guide, discover tips to help you properly clean and maintain your finishing equipment, so it stays running in peak condition.

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