Powder Coating Booths

Diverse Line of Powder Coating Booths for Wide Range of Applications

Precision engineered for excellent performance and efficiency, Batch Powder Coating Booths from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) enable businesses to produce more high-quality powder coating finishes in batch applications. With a longer filter lifespan, GFS Batch Powder Coating Booths can help your business attain high-quality finishes and increase efficiency. Businesses with in-house powder coating operations can see a return on investment of less than a year.

GFS Powder Coating Booths

Powder Non-Recovery Booth

GFS Powder Non-Recovery Booths are cost-effective finishing environments for small batch powder applications. Featuring a primary and redundant filtration system, Powder Non-Recovery Booths capture high volumes of powder overspray. The open-front design saves floor space and allows for easy transportation in and out of the booth.

GFS Powder non recovery booth

Powder Recovery Booth

Ideal for small- to medium-sized batch powder applications, GFS Powder Recovery Booths provide a bright, efficient finishing environment for powder coating operations. An integrated Powder Collection Module features high-efficiency cartridge filters and a load-triggered filter pulsing system.

GFS Powder recovery booth

High-Production Powder Collection Booth

Often used in conveyorized powder application systems, GFS High-Production Powder Collection Booths are designed to increase productivity, product quality and profitability. With modular designs engineered for optimum airflow and maximum transfer efficiency, GFS High-Production Powder Collection Booths are ideal for mass-production powder coating applications.

GFS high production powder coating booths

Powder Collection Modules

With high-efficiency filtration, fan and motor, GFS Powder Collection Modules deliver superior performance for your powder coating application. The space-saving design features cartridge filters staggered in two rows, reducing the overall width of the module. With models available in four CFM ranges and two exhaust orientations, the complete line of GFS Powder Collection Modules accommodates various production levels and shop space restrictions.

GFS Powder Collection module feature

Customer Stories & Case Studies

“All of GFS’ stuff is just stout, very well-built”

When Fox Valley Sandblasting & Powder Coating expanded to a 37,000-square-foot facility in 2020, Mike Schwebke and family wanted equipment that could handle any products that came to their door. A 40-foot-long Batch Powder Oven from GFS has been big enough to outsize their competition and help boost their bottom line.

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