Accelerated Curing Systems

Accelerated Curing Systems

Reducing curing times in finishing operations is crucial for enhancing productivity and streamlining processes. GFS is committed to providing high-quality, efficient finishing solutions that enable businesses to improve their finishing operation. In addition to efficient curing in our paint booths and ovens, we offer two accelerated curing system options. Using controlled turbulent airflow, the AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System is designed to be integrated into our automotive paint booths to reduce drying times. REVO Accelerated Curing Systems use short wave electric infrared technology to rapidly cure filler and coatings from the inside out.

GFS Accelerated Curing Products

REVO Accelerated Curing Systems

Improve your paint shop efficiency without having to overhaul your space with REVO Accelerated Curing Systems from Global Finishing Solutions. The revolutionary technology cures filler and coatings quickly from the inside out, offering the fastest curing time in the industry for both prep and paint processes.

GFS REVO Speed inside a GFS Ultra CTOF

AdvanceCure® System

Designed to help body shops be more productive, efficient and profitable, the AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System from GFS greatly reduces the amount of time needed to dry any type of base coat — be it waterborne or solvent-based.

GFS AdvanceCure Units in a GFS Paint Booth

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