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Heavy-Duty Spray Booths for Large Vehicles & Industrial Products


Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) Large Equipment Spray Booths are designed for long-lasting performance and constructed of heavy-duty materials for unrivaled structural integrity. As the industry’s most comprehensive paint booth line, you can count on Large Equipment Paint Booths to deliver a superior quality finish in the most efficient manner. Pre-engineered models and standard options are fully ETL and ETL-C listed and meet or exceed industry safety standards.


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ETL and ETL-C ListedPre-engineered Large Equipment models and options are fully ETL and ETL-C listed, ensuring that the entire booth complies with applicable safety codes and meets performance requirements. ETL listing facilitates successful inspections and demonstrates that Large Equipment Paint Booths have completed independent, third-party review.
LightingDesigned and manufactured by GFS for optimal brightness, Large Equipment Paint Booths feature integrated four-tube, inside-access light fixtures. All GFS light fixtures are ETL and ETL-C listed and come complete with energy-efficient LED lamps.
Fans & MotorsHigh-powered fans and motors supply optimal airflow throughout the paint booth, creating a cleaner environment for a better paint job. Each Large Equipment Paint Booth includes a non-sparking, tube axial exhaust fan(s) with belt guards and duct connector ring, along with a UL/CUL and CSA recognized three-phase, TEFC, tri-voltage motor.
DoorsSwing-type product doors and personnel door(s) come standard with each pre-engineered Large Equipment Booth. Doors feature heavy-duty hinges with plate steel and replaceable brass bushings. Hinges guarantee long-lasting performance with no sagging.
ControlsFor non-pressurized booths, an electromechanical control panel is used to control booth exhaust, safety interlocks and lights. Pressurized booths come standard with the simple-to-navigate Velocity® control panel, which supports spray, flash and cure modes along with many programmable alarms, auto-balance and automatic safety checks.
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ConstructionGFS Large Equipment Paint Booths are constructed from single skin, 18-gauge, G90 galvanized sheet steel and use structural steel columns and beams. Horizontal booth panels are assembled onto the booth’s frame from the ground up for added structural integrity, simplified installation and fewer height restrictions. Solid nut-and-bolt construction and prepunched panels ensure consistent alignment and placement.

The simplest, most cost-effective configuration, air flows horizontally through a crossdraft booth, parallel to the floor and over the product. Crossdraft airflow starts at the front of the booth, with air entering the booth through either filtered products doors (non-pressurized booths) or an intake chamber (pressurized booths). Air exits the booth through an exhaust plenum located at the rear of the booth.

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Side Downdraft

Side downdraft booths are an economical solution for shops that aren’t able to install a pit. Air comes into the booth through a full-length, filtered ceiling plenum, and flows downward over the product. When air reaches the floor, it is pulled into floor-level filtered exhaust plenums on both sides of the booth.

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The semi-downdraft booth is a hybrid combining features of both crossdraft and downdraft booths. Air is introduced to the booth through the ceiling in the first 25-30 percent of the booth. Then it’s pulled across the working chamber, over the product and into the filtered exhaust chamber at the booth rear.

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Generally accepted as the best airflow style, downdraft booths do an excellent job controlling overspray and contamination. Air enters the booth through a full length, filtered ceiling plenum. From there, air flows vertically over the product and into the filtered exhaust pit in the floor.

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One of GFS’ greatest strengths is our ability to provide our customers with highly specialized products. The following pre-engineered options can be added to GFS Large Equipment Paint Booths:

White pre-coated panels
Air make-up unit (AMU)
Six-tube, T8 LED light fixtures
Air proving switch
Bi-folding, roll-up or drive-thru product doors and additional personnel doors
Observation window kit for side-wall panels
Height, width and depth can be custom designed to meet specific requirements

To meet very specific configuration and usability requirements, GFS offers highly customized booth options that can be fully integrated into Large Equipment Booths. These options include:

Conveyor or monorail support
Corner-style intake and exhaust chambers
Custom controls
Dual-skin insulated panels
Sliding doors
Recirculating cure mode
Personnel lifts
Outdoor booths
Multi-stage filtration
Additional safety options
Custom depth, width and height

GFS guarantees that our products meet or exceed all of the applicable codes related to the equipment. Our engineers regularly follow and contribute to the advancement of codes and standards that affect the industries that we work in. One of our engineers currently serves on the NFPA Technical Committee on Finishing Processes, a key standard in the finishing industry.

OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration
NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
ETL – Electrical Testing Labs
EPA – Environmental Protect Agency
ICC – International Code Council

Take a look inside a GFS Large Equipment Paint Booth for Nautilus Abrasive Blasting & Powder Coating, a full-service provider of abrasive blasting, industrial painting and powder coating:

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