Problem Solved — New Blasting & Powder Coating Shop Increases Quality for Sister Company

Nautilus Powder Coating and Abrasive Blasting

Yardney Water Management Systems, Inc. — an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of water filtration equipment based in Riverside, California — began their quest toward clean water solutions for irrigation and industrial applications in 1965.

For more than 50 years, Yardney’s process included outsourcing their powder coating services; however, in recent years the quality of finishes did not live up to their standards. Since Yardney is dedicated to producing high-quality products for their customers, the powder coating finishes ultimately became unacceptable, which in turn, forced Yardney to look at alternative options.

In 2016, it became Yardney’s top priority to find a solution for their vendors’ quality and delivery scheduling issues. The company solicited local installers and equipment dealers to see if bringing powder coating services in-house would be their best option. Ultimately, a decision was made and Yardney received the best feedback about Titan Spray Booths, a local Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) distributor based in Oceanside, California. After selecting Titan as their distributor, Yardney worked with Titan and GFS to create Nautilus Abrasive Blasting and Powder Coating, a full-service provider of abrasive blasting, industrial painting and powder coating.

Located in Moreno Valley, California, Nautilus’ new 18,000-square-foot facility features a GFS Powder Coating Booth, Blast Booth, two Batch Process Ovens and a semi-downdraft Large Equipment Paint Booth, as well as an Industrial Paint Mix Room — the largest of which is 16 feet tall, 16 feet wide and 60 feet long. Nautilus is fully equipped for abrasive blasting, as well as applying polyester powder coatings, epoxy coatings and industrial liquid paint coatings specifically for Yardney but also for other OEM manufacturers, customers and clients.

“The large size of our booths allows us to focus on large- or small-production runs,” said Chris Phillips, president at Yardney and Nautilus. “We also work on industrial pieces of machinery and equipment, architectural components, wrought iron fences, marine products, pressure vessels, skids, piping and more. Additionally, one of the main reasons why we went with Global Finishing Solutions and Titan Spray Booths is because the Blast Booth has a rubber liner to deaden the sound from blasting.

Blast Booth

The new finishing equipment will enable Yardney and Nautilus to achieve higher efficiencies and consistent production lead times, as well as reduce cost, increase quality control and diversify the companies by providing the ability to perform coatings in addition to water filtration systems. As Yardney progressively moves further away from liquid coatings and dives deeper into powder and specialty coatings, their new equipment will be key in achieving high-quality finishes.

Paint Booth and Powder Booth

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