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Complete Line of Replacement Parts for Paint Booths & Finishing Equipment

Dedicated to providing top-quality replacement products, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) has a full-service parts and filters department. Many paint booth replacement parts are kept in stock for quick turnaround and fast shipping to virtually any location across North America. GFS’ quest for product quality and performance has resulted in a complete line of spray booth replacement parts that have been designed and manufactured for durability and long-lasting, trouble-free service.

Paint Booth Replacement Parts

Paint Booth Lighting

Lights used for installation in paint booths

For an exceptional spray environment, GFS carries a full line of light fixtures for paint booths and finishing equipment, including:

  • LED
  • Fluorescent
  • Incandescent
  • Explosion proof
GFS LED Replacement Lamp

Replacement LED lamps can be purchased through our SHOP.

Paint Booth Curtain Walls & Dividers

Separate and maximize your usable space with Curtain Walls and Dividers from GFS. Safe, cost-effective solutions for controlling temperature and confining dirt, dust and contaminants, GFS Curtain Walls and Dividers are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including aluminum repair, grinding, limited painting, sanding, washing, welding and woodworking. All materials meet NFPA 701 regulations for fire retardancy.


Vinyl-Coated Polyester: 14-ounce, vinyl-coated polyester material is featured at the top and bottom of GFS Curtain Walls and Dividers.
Brass Grommets: Spaced 12 inches apart, #2 brass-toothed grommets allow curtains to hang securely on roller hooks.
Roller Track System: The durable, 16-gauge roller track system modularly connects track lengths to your desired shape and length.
Work-View Window: A 20-millimeter, flame-resistant and double-polished PVC window allows for a clear view of workers and operations, and meets CFM and NFPA 701 standards.
Chain-Weighted Hem: A heavy-duty galvanized chain in the bottom pocket of GFS Curtain Walls and Dividers stabilizes it against drafts.
Two-Wheel Roller Hooks: Available with large curtains, two-wheel steel roller hooks make for easy sliding and folding of curtains.
Double Lock Stitched Seams: All seams are double lock stitched with mildew- and rot-resistant thread.
Hook & Loop Fasteners: Hook and loop fasteners allow adjacent panels to be easily attached to one another to quickly seal off the work area.


Weld-View Curtain Window: 14-millimeter, weld-view PVC window blocks harmful UV rays from welding, while allowing view of workers, and meets CFM and NFPA 701 standards.
Vinyl Floor Sweep: Seals gap between curtain and floor to keep dirt, dust and contaminants out.
Adhesive Velcro: Attaches any curtain to a brick, metal, concrete or wood wall or door opening.
Floor Mount Wind Ties: Securely fastens curtains to prevent against heavy updrafts.


GFS Replacement Parts for GFS Paint Booths and finishing equipment

GFS control panels are UL 508 and CUL listed. Standard control panels are prewired featuring single-point connection for quick and easy wiring with NEMA rate enclosure. We carry the following control panels:

  • Basic & Deluxe
  • Engage
  • LOGIC 3 & 4
  • Proven
  • Velocity


Air Balancing

GFS VFD for paint booth air balancingVariable Frequency Drives (VFDs) automatically adjust fan motor speeds based on actual airflow conditions and maintain an air balance within a paint booth, preventing paint fumes from escaping and dust from entering. VFDs also provide optimum air pressure, consistent exhaust and consistent temperature.




  • Decreased energy cost
  • Improved process control
  • Increased transfer efficiency
  • Controlled overspray directly into filtration systems
  • Controlled, exhausted VOCs from the workplace
  • Extended dry filter usage, up to 50 percent
  • Cleaner system and paint finishes

Paint Booth Fans

Various fan types displayed together

GFS carries a wide range of paint booth fans and other fan components, such as belts, blades, bushings and more.

Paint Booth Motors

Totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motors are standard in GFS products. TEFC motors are superior to open drip-type motors and are UL approved.

Paint Booth Electrical Components

Various electrical components and upgrades displayed together

GFS stocks a wide variety of electrical components, including start/stop components, air proving switches and manometer/draft gauges.

Door Hardware

GFS Hardware for GFS Paint Booths GFS uses only top-quality door hardware. Our weld-free designs mean no weak points and no corrosion. GFS hinges, latches and hardware are fully adjustable, so you get the perfect fit, every time. GFS carries door hinges, latches, pulls and hardware kits.

Door Seals

GFS spray booth door seals for GFS Paint BoothsGFS stocks a wide variety of top-quality spray booth door seals, gaskets, foam tape and seal kits for all manufactured paint booths and legacy products.

Paint Booth Ductwork

GFS carries a wide range of duct options, including roof ventilator, exhaust duct options, spiral duct and connector rings, among others.

Paint Booth Grating

GFS Paint Booth Grating for downdraft paint booth pits

GFS’ steel grating allows painters to safely walk on top of the exhaust pit. GFS offers replacement grating for all manufactured downdraft paint booths, and we will work with you to find the right grating replacement for your booth.

Grating for GFS automotive refinish paint booths is light-duty grating, measuring 1 ½ inches thick. The grating comes with filter retainers.

New Part No.Old Part No.

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