Booth Protection

Superior Protection for a Safer Spraying Environment

Whether you want to protect your paint booth’s walls, windows, lights or floors, Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) offers a variety of booth protection products to keep your booth clean, bright and running efficiently and smoothly.

GFS Paint Booth Protection

Booth Shield®


Booth Shield offers outstanding coverage to protect your investment. The coatings are easier to use than traditional paper wrap and create significantly less mess. Once dry, the floor and wall coatings can stand up to heavy use, including foot and vehicle traffic. Booth Shield Peelable White for walls and floors brightens galvanized booths, giving them a clean white finish and ensuring prime visibility for working inside the booth.

Applying Booth Shield to paint booth walls and floor

PIG® Grippy Mat


A unique, adhesive floor covering for paint booths, the PIGrippy Mat protects the booth floor, while also trapping overspray, dirt, dust and particles for better quality paint finishes and a safe, bright working environment. The self-sticking backing on the PIG Grippy Mat keeps the floor covering securely in place without shifting, sliding or causing a trip hazard. The PIG Grippy Mat is durable enough to withstand foot and vehicle traffic — lasting up to three months depending on the amount of overspray and cleaning.

GFS - Prep Booth shown with and without PIG Grippy Mat installed

Light Fixture Lens Projector

Protect your light fixtures from overspray and darkening with Light Fixture Lens Protectors from Global Finishing Solutions. This clear, cling-on plastic film has a 2-millimeter thickness and is easy to apply and replace. Rolls are available in two widths and provide a crystal-clear protective coating, again and again.

New Part No.Old Part No.Dimensions
1011121230-210Protective film, 12″ x 100′ roll
1011214230-004Protective film, 18″ x 100′ roll
1011122230-211Dispenser Handle
GFS Light Fixture Protection - applying protective film to light fixtures

Booth Paper

Booth Paper from GFS provides a clean, easily replaceable, fire retardant lining for your paint booth’s walls and floors. Rolls of Booth Paper are available in varying widths to efficiently cover your booth and protect the surface from paint and contaminant buildup, while the exposed surface prevents the migration of dust and overspray.

New Part No. Old Part No. Dimensions
1031284 217-221 36″ x 300′, 80 mil
1031283 217-222 48″ x 300′, 80 mil
1056424 217-224 72″ x 300′, 80 mil
1031281 217-225 36″ x 300′, 100 mil
1031279 217-228 72″ x 300′, 100 mil
1056078 217-229 84″ x 300′, 100 mil
Rolling out GFS Paint Booth Floor protection paper on paint booth floor

Dirt Track Mats

Prevent contaminants from entering the booth with DirtTrack mats from GFS. Position the multilayered, adhesive mat in front of product or personnel doors to trap dirt and dust from shoes or tires. Once a sheet becomes soiled, it can be simply peeled off and discarded, leaving a fresh mat in its place.

New Part No. Old Part No. Dimensions Quantity per Pad
1035255 217-241 36″ x 60″ Mats 30 Peelable Sheets
1035254 217-240 24″ x 30″ Mats 60 Peelable Sheets

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