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Booth Shield®

Protective Coating for Walls, Ceilings, Windows and Lights

Keep your paint booth clean, bright and running efficiently and smoothly with Booth Shield peelable protective coating from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS). Coatings can be applied quickly and removed easily, without damaging the underlying substrate.

Superior Protection: With minimal cleanup and surface preparation required before application, Booth Shield offers outstanding coverage to protect your investment. The coatings are easier to use than traditional paper wrap and create significantly less mess. Once dry, the coatings stand up to heavy use.

Easy Application: Booth Shield provides the flexibility to spray or roll the coating onto your surface and build to the thickness you need. Most wall applications are complete after only one coat. Booth Shield dries quickly, so you can resume full use of your booth within hours of application.

Fast Removal: When it’s time to remove and replace the booth coating, simply score the edges and peel Booth Shield off your surfaces. The durable film can be removed in large sections, saving time and creating less mess. Once the coating is removed, it can be compressed to consolidate waste and disposed of normally.

Ships from Osseo, Wisconsin, 54758 to the contiguous United States in 1-3 business days. For shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and outside of the United States, please call GFS Parts & Filters Sales at 800-848-8738 or email


GFS Part No: 1036904
GFS Part No: 1046351
GFS Part No: 1056637


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