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High-Quality Paint Booths for Boats, Yachts & Aquatic Equipment

Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) paint booths provide excellent contamination control and superior lighting for achieving high-quality finishes on boats, yachts and other aquatic equipment. Complementing our paint booth lines, GFS offers an extensive selection of finishing equipment — including powder coating booths, ovens, washers, prep environments, paint mixing rooms and hazardous material storage buildings — to complete your finishing operation.

In addition to pre-engineered and standard models and options for all of our marine and yacht paint booths and finishing equipment, GFS has the resources and expertise to custom engineer products and complete finishing solutions to meet customers’ unique needs and specifications. Our custom engineered solutions provide the same exceptional quality and performance you expect from GFS in a truly one-of-a-kind booth for painting products and parts.

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Why GFS?

GFS provides industry-leading finishing solutions to help your business thrive. From renowned customer support to efficiency-boosting service and preventative maintenance, we’ve got you covered long after the sale.

large yachts being painted in GFS paint booths

GFS is proud to be represented by the finest distribution network in the paint booth and finishing equipment industry. Our experienced, dedicated distributors span throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and around the world. This expansive distribution network allows us the ability to provide consulting, training, installation, service, maintenance and parts and filters support on a local level to all of our customers.

GFS and our distributor partners offer a variety of Service & Preventative Maintenance Programs to take the hassle out of maintaining your finishing equipment and ensure it continues to operate in peak condition for years to come. We offer a variety of programs that may include quarterly and annual site visits, filter and part replacement, booth cleaning, and just-in-time filter replenishment.

GFS will assign a dedicated project manager to follow your project through from start to finish, keeping the project on budget and on time. The project manager is responsible for developing the project schedule and monitoring the budget, equipment quality and project billings.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Paint Booth for Boats & Yachts

Before investing in a marine paint booth, you must understand your current and future production needs and operation capabilities to set your business up for success. This FREE guide provides the steps to successfully purchase a paint booth that will be the gateway to creating lasting first impressions.

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Customer Success Stories

Performer Paint Booth

“The GFS Wave exhaust filters in our paint booth last a long time”

As Bob’s Machine Shop evolved into one of the country’s premier manufacturers of jack plates for boats, their finishing equipment needed an upgrade. A new Performer ES Paint Booth from GFS with long-lasting GFS Wave exhaust filters has Steven Pelini confident in his company’s future, thanks to increased production, shorter lead times and improved efficiency.

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Problem Solved — Scout Boats Discovers More Possibilities with Large Equipment Paint Booth

Scout Boats’ much-anticipated 530 LXF, the company’s newest 53-foot luxury sportfishing flagship, requires a larger paint booth to accommodate painting such a large boat. To safely and efficiently accomplish this task, Scout Boats purchased a 75-foot Large Equipment Paint Booth from GFS. The design of the paint booth actually enables the boats to cure faster, which is a big benefit for the business.

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