Problem Solved — Large Equipment Paint Booth Provides Quality Control and Quicker Lead Times for Sectional Barges

Poseidon Barge, LTD has been manufacturing portable sectional barges since the early 1990s. The barges are used to float heavy construction equipment, workers and materials over water. Sometimes known as pontoon barges or crane barges, sectional barges are often used in the marine and dredge industry for applications such as floating cranes and gold dredging equipment.

With in-house services including plasma cutting, bending, welding and blasting, Poseidon Barge recently also brought painting services to their Berne, Indiana, location. The addition of a new 60-foot Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) Large Equipment Paint Booth has allowed the company to open another revenue stream. Painting in-house has also allowed them to better control product quality and cost.

Poseidon Barge has seen significant improvements to their processes and overhead since the new paint booth was added. Depending on the model, they can produce up to eight barges per week. This translates to lower quality costs and less lead time for a product to be completed and out the door.

Without the help of GFS and their distributor, IDS Blast, Poseidon Barge would not have been able to bring liquid coating services in-house.

“I would like to thank the GFS and IDS Blast teams for assisting us throughout this long journey,” said Mary Habegger-Fox, President of Poseidon Barge. “Their professionalism, knowledge and experience enabled us to have a very successful installation and start-up. We greatly appreciate everything they did for us before, during and after the sale to ensure Poseidon was completely satisfied. That was no small task!”

Thanks to the addition of the new Large Equipment Paint Booth, Poseidon Barge will be able to offer their services to a more diverse customer base. Coupled with in-house heavy fabrication services, their new finishing systems have made Poseidon Barge more attractive for companies looking for a one-stop shop.

Despite the continued rising costs of materials, Poseidon Barge will continue to stand out against the competition with the things they can control — quality, excellent customer service and innovative products.

Want to know more about Large Equipment Paint Booths?

GFS Large Equipment Paint Booths are designed to last many years of heavy industrial use.

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