Side Downdraft Paint Booths

GFS Side Downdraft Paint Booths

Side downdraft paint booths are an economical solution for shops that aren’t able to install a pit. Air comes into the booth through a full-length, filtered ceiling plenum, and flows downward over the product. When air reaches the floor, it is pulled into floor-level filtered exhaust plenums on both sides of the booth.

GFS Side Downdraft Products

Large Equipment

GFS’ Large Equipment Paint Booths are designed for long-lasting performance and constructed of high-quality materials for unrivaled structural integrity.

GFS Large Equipment Spray Booth - Side Downdraft

General Purpose

General Purpose Paint Booths are high-quality, cost-effective solutions for industrial manufacturers and businesses that need to paint medium-sized equipment, utility vehicles and trucks.

GFS General Purpose spray booth with equipment inside

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