Automotive Paint Booth Options Designed to Improve Performance & Efficiency

Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) offers a complete line of automotive refinish paint booths — with seven Ultra® and Performer® Paint Booth models in a variety of airflows and sizes to meet every shop’s productivity, quality, space and budgetary needs. In addition to our pre-engineered spray booth models, we offer shops the opportunity to upgrade any automotive booth with a variety of options designed to improve paint booth performance and shop efficiency and make life easier. These upgrades include exclusive booth accessories, advanced airflow options, LED lighting and top-of-the-line controls.

Paint Booth Accessories

Fill your booth with music or sound with GFS’ exclusive Paint Booth Sound System. Bluetooth connection allows you to play music from your phone, and a shelf with USB port allows you to keep your phone charged and within reach in the spray booth. The sound system features professional-grade audio equipment and speakers encased in a custom-made enclosure to ensure long-lasting performance in a harsh paint booth environment.

Another GFS exclusive spray booth accessory, the Rotating Access Table makes it easy to move paint and supplies between the paint booth and an attached paint mix room. A technician can mix paint or prepare supplies while another technician is spraying — increasing productivity and keeping your paint booth free of clutter and debris. Also, by reducing the number of trips in and out of the paint booth, the potential for dirt and dust entering the booth during the spray cycle is reduced.

For shops with a downdraft paint booth, changing exhaust pit filters can be an exhausting, time-consuming task. The GFS exclusive Grate Lifting Tool takes the heavy lifting off of you, allowing you to easily move heavy floor grates for quick, painless filter changes.

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Airflow Options

GFS’ premium paint booth model, the Ultra XP1, comes standard with our patented, exclusive Controlled Airflow Ceiling. This ceiling design creates two airflow zones in the booth to keep contaminants out of the paint job and prevent overspray from collecting on booth walls.

paint booth

In addition to the Controlled Airflow Ceiling, the top-of-the-line Ultra XP1 model also features GFS’ AdvanceCure® Blade Accelerated Airflow System. Designed to reduce drying times for solvent and waterborne paints, the AdvanceCure System creates convection-type airflow inside the booth for significantly reduced drying times and a more even distribution of heat.

Although standard on our premium Ultra models, the Controlled Airflow Ceiling and AdvanceCure System are available as options on all other Ultra Booth models, as well as some Performer Booth models. In addition, all GFS Ultra booths and most Performer booths are designed so that AdvanceCure Systems can be easily integrated into your booth at a later time.

Airflow in downdraft paint booths can also be improved by increasing the width of the pit. A single-row pit is standard on all booth models except for the Ultra XP1 and Performer XP1, which come with a two-row pit. All other GFS automotive paint booths can be upgraded to feature a two- or three-row pit.

Light Fixtures & Bulbs

A well-lit paint booth reduces or eliminates shadows and dark spots for accurate color matching and paint application. All GFS paint booths are engineered for bright, complete lighting; however, shops can upgrade the lighting in a new automotive booth by increasing from a four-tube light fixture to a six-tube light fixture, adding additional sidewall lights or purchasing light boosting reflectors to increase the luminosity in the booth. Shops can also upgrade their spray booth lighting to LED Lamps for energy savings up to 40 percent when compared to traditional fluorescent 32-watt T8 systems.

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Performance & Energy Efficiency

Boost the performance of a new paint booth by upgrading the heater and motor. Upgrade to a single-phase or higher voltage motor, increase the horsepower of the intake fan, increase the output of the heater or upgrade to our top-of-the-line heat system. You can also improve the energy efficiency of your booth by purchasing an ECO package. With dual VFDs and a spray gun flow switch, the ECO package reduces energy consumption by slowing down the fan to half speed when you’re not spraying.

Paint Booth Controls

GFS’ top-of-the-line LOGIC 3 and LOGIC 4 control panels come standard on our premium automotive booth models or are available as upgrades on the majority of our other booths. The LOGIC control panels are the most advanced, user-programmable spray booth control panels on the market. With flash and cure profiles, controls for AdvanceCure, filter monitoring and economy mode, and self-diagnostics to help you easily identify service issues, the LOGIC panels make it easy for you to operate your booth and achieve quality paint finishes.

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Product & Personnel Doors

Ultra Spray paint booth

Adding drive-thru product doors to your paint booth can improve your paint shop efficiency by allowing you to easily move vehicles in and out of the booth. Another product door option is RollSeal Automated Door Systems. Exclusive to GFS, RollSeal doors are an excellent space saving door option, eliminating space needed for traditional swing or bi-fold doors. With a unique, patented design, RollSeal’s triple-layered fabric door and airtight seal prevent overspray from escaping the booth and keep contaminants out of your paint jobs. RollSeal Doors are especially useful in sideload booth systems to control contamination and airflow between bays. In addition to product doors, shops can upgrade their personnel door to a double entry door for easy booth access.

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No matter the booth model you select, GFS’ booth upgrade options can allow you to customize a paint booth to meet your shop’s needs. If you’d like to learn more about all available upgrade options, contact or call 877-658-7900.

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