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Paint booth lights

Paint Booth Lighting


For an exceptional spray environment, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) has a full line of light fixtures — LED, fluorescent, incandescent and explosion-proof. GFS also offers a full line of replacement light fixtures, bulbs and parts for all makes and models of finishing equipment, including paint booths, dust collection booths and blast booths.

Paint Booth Lighting Options

t8 LED Lamps

LED T8 lamps are an ideal energy-saving choice for existing linear fluorescent light fixtures. Upgrade to LED easily without having to change the fixture. LED lamps are compatible with Global Finishing Solutions’ linear light fixtures, including inside access and corner paint booth light fixtures, and general purpose light fixtures.

LED T8 Lamps can be easily integrated into any existing Global Finishing Solutions linear fluorescent paint booth or high bay light fixtures. It’s as simple as changing out the tubes. No rewiring is required because the LED lamps use the existing electronics.

LED T8 Lamps emit virtually no UV or IR light, and contain no mercury, allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal. Waste is minimized when switching to LED since the lamps can be installed in existing light fixtures.

You no longer have to worry about dropping and shattering your lamps. InstantFit LED lamps are glass-free, allowing for safe working conditions.

No need to wait for light fixtures to turn on. LED Lamps turn on instantly at full luminosity, with no flicker or buzz.

LED T8 Lamps offer significant energy savings – up to 40 percent when compared to traditional fluorescent 32W T8 systems. Lower energy consumption allows for short payback periods, making it easier to upgrade to LED. (Actual savings depend on your system configuration) 

Your existing Global Finishing Solutions linear light fixtures maintain their original ETL listing when switching over to LED since LED Lamps use the existing electrical wiring.

There may be tax credits or rebates available in your area for switching to energy-efficient LED lamps. 

GFS offers four- or six-tube T8 light fixtures that work interchangeably with high-output fluorescent or LED lamps.

  • Energy-efficient, 32-watt electronic ballasts
  • ETL and ETL-C listing
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A-D ratings
  • Interlock safety switch
  • Enclosed and gasketed construction
  • Twist-in lamp holders
  • Easy lamp replacement and retrofits
  • Template for installation into existing panels
  • Optional corner enclosures
Part No.TubeLengthLamp Size (Volt/Watt)
LABW12-444′120-277V / 32W, includes tubes
LABW12-664′120-277V / 32W, includes tubes
LABW12-4-LAM44′120-277V / 32W, for blast booths only
LAR12-444′120-277V / 32W, for dual-skin panels
LAR12-664′120-277V / 32W, for dual-skin panels
230-30624′120V / 32W
230-50144′120-277V / 32W
LAR12-664′120V, for dual-skin panels
230-40023′120V / 25W
230-40543′120V / 25W
LAB12-3-3633′120V / 32W
Part No. Tube Length Lamp Size (Volt/Watt)
230-551 4 4′ 120V/32W
Part No. Tube Length Lamp Size (Volt/Watt)
LAC12-4 4 4′ 120-277V / 32W
LAC12-6 6 4′ 120-277V / 32W
Part No. Length Lamp Size (Watt)
230-281 4′ 32W
230-271 3′ 25W

t8 light fixtures

T8 Light fixture with 6 tubes


T5 Light fixture with 6 tubes

T5 fluorescent light fixtures and lamps from GFS feature excellent performance and efficiency. GFS offers four- or six-tube inside-access T5 fixtures, designed to fit the smaller diameter of T5 lamps. T5 fixtures and lamps are recommended for enclosures with high ceilings and booths located in areas that reach high temperatures.

  • Environmentally responsible when used with low-mercury lamps
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A-D ratings
  • Interlock safety switch
  • Enclosed and gasketed construction
  • Easy lamp replacement and retrofits
  • 54-watt ballasts
Part No.TubeLengthLamp Size (Volt/Watt)
LABW-14T5-D1244′120-277V / 54W
LABW-16T5-D1264′120-277V / 54W

Replacement Tubes: Part No. 230-285


incandescent fixtures

Explosion proof incandescent lights

Incandescent fixtures are recommended for use in mix rooms and hazardous materials storage rooms. Angle fixtures can be supported for mounting at the face of a paint booth with a fixture bracket. Incandescent fixtures are Class I, Division 1 listed.

Part No.DescriptionVolt/Watt
600-001Ceiling Mount with Dome150/300W
600-002Wall Mount with Dome150/300W
600-006Ceiling Mount with Angle150/300W

Replacement Tubes: Part No. 230-147

Explosion-proof lighting is recommended for hazardous locations, such as paint booths, shipyards, chemical manufacturers, oil drilling rigs and gas processing plants. Made with factory sealed, cased aluminum, and a white finish reflector.

  • UL listed for use in paint booths and mix rooms
  • UL 844 listed for hazardous locations
  • UL 595 listed for outdoor, marine-type lighting (salt water)
  • Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D ratings
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A-D ratings
  • Class II, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups E-G ratings
  • Meets requirements for NFPA 33 and NEC Article 516
Part No.TubeLengthVolt/Watt

explosion-proof fixtures

Explosion proof lights

High Bay Fluorescent Lights

High bay fluorescent lights are specifically designed for general purpose applications and meant to replace metal-halide lighting and T-12 light fixtures to improve energy efficiency. GFS high bay lights are ideal for structures such as warehouses, commercial buildings and gymnasiums.

  • T5 and T8 light fixtures
  • Six-tube fixtures
  • Energy efficient

Light Boosting Reflector

Increase the luminosity of your paint booth with this simple upgrade, available for GFS four- or six-tube light fixtures. GFS’ unique reflector shape and material focuses more light where you need it, more efficiently directing light toward the working area of your paint booth. Light reflectors can easily be installed behind fluorescent light tubes, boosting the luminosity of fixtures by 20 percent. You can achieve the same level of luminosity with fewer bulbs than our competitors, saving energy and maintenance costs.

Light Reflectors

Code Compliance

GFS guarantees that our products meet or exceed all of the applicable codes related to the equipment. Our engineers regularly follow and contribute to the advancement of codes and standards that affect the industries that we work in. One of our engineers currently serves on the NFPA Technical Committee on Finishing Processes, a key standard in the finishing industry.

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