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Maintenance Methods to Keep Your Paint Booth in Top Shape

Sweeping Away Headaches in Your Shop with Routine Preventative Maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance methods in your paint booth help promote higher-quality paint jobs, reduce rework and contribute to longer-lasting parts and components, in addition to protecting your employees and facility.

Preventative maintenance is critical to your paint shop’s success. Not only does it directly affect your production output, it can also affect your bottom line of overall shop costs. With routine preventative maintenance, long-lasting paint quality and continued production for your business are more attainable. In this FREE guide, discover tips to help you properly clean and maintain your finishing equipment, so it stays running in peak condition.

What You will Learn
  1. How frequently you should change your paint booth’s exhaust filters

  2. What booth protection products can keep your booth clean, bright and running efficiently and smoothly

  3. When the ideal times are to activate summer and winter mode on your paint booth’s air make-up unit (AMU)

  4. What regular maintenance is included in preventative maintenance and service programs offered by your booth manufacturer or local distributor

  5. What daily cleaning should be performed in your paint booth
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