What You Need to Best Position Your Industrial Blasting Operation For The Future

A proper blasting environment with code-compliant equipment is no longer a luxury but rather a must-have in today’s world. As a result, the importance of adequate surface preparation, efficient blasting techniques and ideal shot media selection have been heightened, as industrial manufacturers attempt to stay ahead of the competition. In this FREE guide, learn why proper blasting equipment and the right blasting processes are needed to ensure that paint or powder adheres correctly to products, giving manufacturers the best chance to produce the highest-quality finishes and avoid production-stalling setbacks. 

What you will learn
  1. What surface preparation requirements exist for liquid painting and powder coating 

  2. The most commonly used blasting methods and the benefits of each 

  3. How to determine which shot media is best for your application 

  4. The differences between blast booths, blast cabinets and blast pots, and which is most practical for your abrasive blasting operation 

  5. How the proper dust collection equipment can promote cleaner paint jobs and protect your employees from breathing in unhealthy air 
Blast Booth
Sand Blasting Object
Blast Booth with Crane Slot
Blast Booth - Dust Modules
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