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How Body Shops Can Use Paint Booth Data for an Analytical Approach to Repairs 

As the collision repair industry becomes more technologically sophisticated, there is increased demand from body shops — and particularly from high-production, big-money multi-shop operators (MSOs) — to assess paint booth performance with data, rather than with an old-fashioned eye test. Simply put, this isn’t your father’s body shop anymore.

For peak-performing shops, gone is the bury-your-head-in-the-sand mentality that if finishing equipment is working, it is operating as it should. Shop managers don’t just want their paint booths to work. They want their booths to tell them how they are working, with real-time, consolidated information on cycle counts, energy usage and other helpful measurements so that shops can better track, monitor and ultimately improve efficiency and output.

Now relying on paint booth data to help drive business decisions has far-reaching implications, from how fast a customer can receive their repaired vehicle to how a body shop uses their technicians to how much shops can charge insurance companies for repairs. And shops that fully embrace the game-changing data at their disposal have a distinct leg up on their competition.
What You Will Learn
  1. How real-time paint booth data can help shops increase productivity, improve paint booth uptime and make beneficial corrections in their operations 

  2. Ways shops can maximize the filter performance of their paint booths and avoid finish quality issues with a booth monitoring system 

  3. What paint booth data allows MSOs to more easily identify high- and low-performing booths 

  4. How MSOs can use paint booth data to gauge how their shops stack up against each other and to determine the efficiency of individual technicians 

  5. What paint booth data is needed for shops to be able to charge insurance companies for the consumables and power usage of their booths 
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