New High-Tech Automotive Paint Booth From GFS

The Edge™ Paint Booth from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) provides industry-leading features with an updated, modern design, while being backed by a manufacturer with decades of experience in the automotive refinish industry. Masterfully designed for today’s collision repair centers and paint shops, this booth delivers advanced controls; precise, adjustable lighting; and premium contamination control to consistently produce excellent paint finishes and increased throughput. Featuring flush, dual-skin panel construction for a smooth, aesthetically pleasing exterior, and streamlined doors with a sleek, new design and large glass windows, this high-tech booth can improve the productivity — and competitive advantage — of any shop. 

Edge Paint Booth Features & Benefits

Efficiency Every Step of

the Way

From top to bottom, the Edge Paint Booth is designed for efficiency. Standardized interior dimensions — pre-engineered at 27-, 30- and 33-foot lengths and 9- or 12-foot heights — mean GFS Edge can accommodate the ever-increasing size of vehicles today without the custom engineering that can prolong lead times. Once your new booth arrives on site, the flush panel design speeds up installation and makes cleaning the booth’s interior a breeze.

EDGE Paint Booth with Rivian van

Dimmable LED Lighting

The Edge Paint Booth comes standard with dimmable LED lighting. Light fixtures in GFS Edge are strategically placed in the booth’s sidewalls and ceiling to minimize the appearance of shadows and hotspots on the vehicle’s surface, and painters can adjust the bulbs’ brightness while they are working. By diffusing light evenly, you can expect better quality paint jobs. 

Dimmable light fixtures

Sleek Panels & Doors

With dual-skin construction for a smooth interior and exterior, in addition to a modernized door design, the Edge Paint Booth is sure to be a showpiece in any shop. Product and personnel doors with large, inlaid glass panels provide unobstructed views into the booth, while panic bars allow painters to exit the booth with full hands. Doors are designed to integrate with larger booth openings without any added weight, improving the hinge alignment and seal with less maintenance overall.

Door and Panel image

Optimized Floor Space

Flexible placement of GFS’ SpaceSaver Air Heater, which can be positioned either horizontally atop or vertically alongside the Edge Paint Booth, maximizes airflow without increasing the overall product footprint the way other air heaters do. Additionally, SpaceSaver has a higher airflow rate than comparable air heater models, giving GFS Edge improved performance. Air moves into the booth through the proven Controlled Airflow Ceiling, in a downdraft or semi-downdraft configuration, producing excellent contamination control and even air distribution.

GFS SpaceSaver Heat Unit for Auto Refinish Paint Booths

Intuitive Controls

The Edge Paint Booth’s easy-to-operate controls feature a large, 10-inch touch screen, with a 15-inch screen available as an upgrade. The improved user experience makes it easy to set up, run booth cycles and perform maintenance. Navigation is simplified, with different modes based on your role and the tasks you need to complete, so the most relevant information and controls are always at the forefront of the HMI. GFS has also implemented independent toggles and start/stop buttons to avoid the hassle of paint getting on the touch screen.

GFS Edge Paint Booth Controls
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