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What Wood You Do For A Better Finish?

Boosting Production & Improving Quality with the Right Wood Finishing Equipment

For woodworkers aiming to take their operation to the next level, having the right equipment for each stage of the finishing process is key to maximize production, increase efficiency and improve finish quality. Proper finishing environments allow woodworkers to get the most out of each paint cycle, as reduced contaminants lead to less rework and cleaner paint jobs. With the right equipment, a woodworker’s production schedule can also be preplanned to create more efficiency, and jobs can be grouped together to increase throughput and minimize production bottlenecks.

Simply put, having the right finishing equipment — in a strategic layout — can boost the bottom line for a woodworking business. From prepping to painting to curing, woodworkers should invest in specialized equipment that allows them to achieve their desired finish quality and production level, in the most efficient manner.

What You will Learn
  1. How the proper finishing equipment enables woodworkers to focus more on quality and less on meeting stringent production schedules

  2. Ways in which dedicated areas for prepping, painting and curing helps woodworkers create efficiency in their operation to the point where they can have a dedicated painter who is painting all day

  3. How the addition of a dust collection booth allows wood finishers to increase production and save on material costs by cutting rework

  4. Why enclosed paint booths that are pressurized provide the most stable, dependable environment for woodworkers, with balanced airflow making it easier to spray multiple colors in one cycle and giving woodworkers the ability to bundle products from different jobs

  5. How contamination in paint jobs is reduced and throughput is increased by moving products to dry in a controlled environment, instead of on the shop floor
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