Why an Extended Height Paint Booth is Needed to Repair the Increasingly Popular Vans

Increase Business & Discover New Service Opportunities with an Extended Height Paint Booth

When repairing some of the tallest passenger and commercial vehicles, an extra 3 feet of height in a paint booth can be the difference between increased business and customers heading to your competition. By extending the height of your booth, you are stretching your automotive body shop’s profit potential.

On top of an additional revenue stream, no extra labor is required with an extended height paint booth, and once a shop has proven that it can handle larger vehicles, there is a much greater chance for repeat business. In this FREE guide, discover what new service opportunities exist with an extended height booth for repairs on Sprinter vans and other commercial vehicles, as well as crossovers, SUVs and trucks. 

What You will Learn
  1. How extended height paint booths give technicians more flexibility in accessing hard-to-reach areas on vehicles
  2. Why Sprinter and Transit vans cannot be repaired in standard height paint booths
  3. Which airflow style is best for extended height booths 
  4. How technology allows shops to be more efficient and productive, while expanding their service opportunities
  5. What impact the Rivian electric delivery vans used by Amazon are having on the collision repair market
Ultra XL paint booth
Ultra XL Paint Booth
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Stretching to fit the Sprinter

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