As technology continues to progress, automotive body shops that adapt to new technology and processes can save ample time in productivity, while also improving the quality of their work. One such technology that has grown in popularity in North America is infrared curing technology.

While electric IR has become best known for time savings and quality improvements in painting processes, it is extremely adaptable and can increase productivity in many areas throughout a shop. If the paint booth is often thought of as the bottleneck of a shop, the prep area is equally so, as jobs take a long time to dry and impatience can lead to costly and even more time-consuming rework. In this FREE guide, learn how electric IR systems can completely change how a shop operates their prep area time-saving, revenue-boosting technology capable of overhauling throughput and boosting finish quality. 

What You Will Learn
  1. How electric IR technology works and the advantages of electric IR over gas-powered IR

  2. Ways in which electric IR can trim turnaround times and improve finish quality in your prep area 

  3. Body filler secrets centering on the amount of hardener that is applied 

  4. Better priming practices to help your shop avoid edge mapping 

  5. How electric IR can increase your shop’s throughput and help prevent bottlenecks 
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