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“Our Large Equipment Paint Booth is excellent. I have painted in a fair number of booths, and I’ve always liked GFS booths — the airflow is so much better. Not only does that make it easier for the painter, because they’re not painting in a cloud, but it also leaves you with a better finish, because you don’t have as much overspray. The booth traps excess paint extremely efficiently. There are four exhaust plenums instead of two, so your motors can run and balance them out. If the filters on one side are getting dirty, you still have a symmetric draft and laminar airflow.”

Alex Parker, Liquid Coatings Manager for Powder Coatings of Utah

“The investment in our new, state-of-the-art Large Equipment Paint Booth was absolutely worthwhile; we use it every day. It features a direct-fire, gas-heated air make-up unit with a 100 percent air replacement system. It has enabled us to diversify our offerings and grow our business. We would have had to pass up on a business opportunity otherwise.”

Carlin Thomas, President and General Manager of Bulldog Steel Fabrication

“We have seen significant improvements to our processes and overhead since our new 60-foot Large Equipment Paint Booth was added. Depending on the model, we can produce up to eight barges per week. This translates to lower quality costs and less lead time for our product to be completed and out the door.”

Scott Sprunger, Central U.S. Sales for Poseidon Barge

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The industry’s most comprehensive paint booth line

HIGH-Quality Paint Finishes

With precise contamination control and excellent lighting, Large Equipment Paint Booths from GFS enable industrial manufacturers and businesses to achieve high-quality paint finishes, every time. Complete your projects more efficiently and enjoy a better overall paint finish in a bright, clean and controlled paint environment.


Our complete line of Large Equipment Paint Booths is designed to accommodate a wide variety of large products or vehicles such as semi trucks, boats, buses or trains. In addition to our line of pre-engineered booth models, GFS has the resources and expertise to design custom Large Equipment Paints Booths to meet your specific feature and size requirements.


GFS Large Equipment Paint Booths are expertly designed and engineered for superior performance and longevity. We guarantee quality by carefully selecting all booth components and manufacturing or assembling the majority of these components in-house. Made from heavy-duty G90 sheet steel, our Large Equipment Booth wall panels are precision punched in for rigid nut-and-bolt construction.


You can rely on Global Finishing Solutions and our experienced distribution network for lifelong support and service of your paint booth. GFS’ unmatched Technical Services department and a local distributor are available to assist you with any emergency repairs or maintenance issues to ensure your booth is always running in peak condition.

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