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The Complete Guide for Multi-Shop Operators

Since multi-shop operations (MSOs) cover a large geographic area within a region, they often have good name recognition and are not hurting for customers. And if they do great work, there is the potential for repeat business. However, not all MSOs are created equal.

MSOs with specialized shops — in which certain shops cater to different types of vehicles or perform specific services — have a leg up on their competition. Vehicles continue to become more custom, and MSOs need to become more adept to keep up with demand. In this FREE guide, discover how specialization helps MSOs maintain balanced workflow, improve efficiency and maximize labor in the name of increasing profitability.

What You Will Learn
MSO Specialization - Free Download
  1. How specializing shops enables MSOs to better avoid slowdowns and prevent the work in progress (WIP) area from becoming too heavy in any one shop

  2. Whether specializing their shops or specializing within each shop is the better route for MSOs

  3. Why quick lanes, side-load systems and accelerated curing are must-haves for MSOs with express locations

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