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Why Outdoor Paint Booths May be the Best Solution for Finishing construction Vehicles

Drive past most construction sites, and you probably notice big vehicles hammering concrete, moving dirt or transporting pieces of metal. Fitting those oversized vehicles into a large enough paint booth can sometimes be as challenging as the construction projects themselves.

When construction vehicles are too big to fit in a paint booth inside a facility, an outdoor booth may be the best solution. Although building an outdoor booth can be a sizable investment, it may yield substantial returns for your business. This FREE guide details the cost considerations for outdoor paint booths, as well as how to save time by properly positioning equipment, adding heat to a booth and maximizing the use of personnel lifts, to enable businesses manufacturing or refinishing construction vehicles to obtain larger paybacks.

What You will Learn
  1. What potential logistical problems can arise when trying to squeeze an oversized paint booth indoors

  2. Factors influencing whether businesses manufacturing or refinishing construction vehicles should install a paint booth inside a new building or build a freestanding outdoor booth


  3. What features of outdoor paint booths are big perks when they are custom built to meet your business’ unique needs


  4. How a heated paint booth makes operations much more efficient

  5. Painting techniques to increase efficiency when using personnel lifts
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