PAINT BOOTHS for Construction Vehicles

Indoor & Outdoor Options Tailored for Your Business 

Finishing Equipment Designed to Increase Efficiency & Boost Production

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) has an extensive history of designing and manufacturing the finest paint booths for construction vehicles. Whether indoors or outdoors, the investment in a GFS paint booth can yield substantial returns, enabling businesses manufacturing or refinishing construction vehicles to obtain larger paybacks. In addition to standard models and options, GFS has the resources and expertise to custom engineer finishing equipment to meet your business’ unique needs and specifications. 

Models Available
Heavy Duty Truck Paint Booth

Large Equipment Paint Booths

Large Equipment Paint Booths from GFS are designed for long-lasting performance and constructed of heavy-duty materials for unrivaled structural integrity. As the industry’s most comprehensive paint booth line, you can count on GFS Large Equipment Paint Booths to deliver a superior quality finish in the most efficient manner when refinishing construction vehicles. Pre-engineered models and standard options are fully ETL and ETL-C listed and meet or exceed industry safety standards. 

Outdoor Paint Booth

Outdoor Paint Booths

When construction vehicles are too big to fit in a paint booth inside a facility, an outdoor booth may be the best solution. GFS Outdoor Paint Booths are freestanding structures with all the bells and whistles of indoor booths, and are custom built with a configuration that sets your business up for success. Options such as adding heat and personnel lifts to GFS Outdoor Paint Booths can increase the efficiency of your operation.

Related equipment

Paint Mix Rooms

Paint Mix Rooms from GFS provide a safe, controlled area for mixing paint. Wall panels are fabricated from 18-gauge galvanized or pre-coated white sheet steel, and are pre-punched and companion flanged for easy, on-site, nut-and-bolt assembly. GFS Paint Mix Rooms also contain a convenient, built-in, 4-inch-deep containment base for capturing potential spills. 

Haz-Mat Storage Building

Hazardous Material Storage Buildings

GFS Hazardous Material Storage Buildings — also known as “paint kitchens” — provide a safe, code compliant environment for storing large amounts of paint and other chemicals. They also double as a safe area for mixing and pumping paint. Precision engineered and manufactured with durable materials, GFS Hazardous Material Storage Buildings are portable and designed for indoor or outdoor applications. 

Why GFS?

Recognized Quality

Global Finishing Solutions is experienced at designing and building state-of-the-art finishing equipment that exceed our customers’ expectations. Industrial businesses of all sizes continue to come back to GFS for consistent, quality equipment every time. 

Service & Support You Can Count On

You can rely on GFS and our experienced distribution network for lifelong support of your paint booth. GFS’ Technical Services department and a local distributor will assist you with any repairs or maintenance issues to ensure your finishing equipment is running in peak condition. 

Code Compliance

GFS paint booths are designed to meet all applicable International Fire Code and NFPA codes. Our complete engineering staff of structural, mechanical, electrical and code compliance experts ensure you can achieve all necessary permits and stamped drawings for your new finishing equipment.

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