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Positioning Your Prep Area for Profit

Prep Space Increasingly Important to Maximize Efficiency

The days when the prep area was just another stop before a vehicle is painted are mostly gone for high-performing body shops. The prep area has turned into an essential component in a profitable operation, largely due to technical advancements in automotive refinish painting, including the evolution of specialty colored tints known as quad coats and a greater emphasis on the versatility of prep areas.

No longer used for just priming and sanding, prep areas are all grown up. This FREE guide outlines the advantages of reserving your paint booth for longer, more complicated paint jobs, with small repairs performed in a controlled, code-compliant prep environment. 

What You will Learn
  1. How many additional refinish hours a day are attainable with a high-quality, dedicated prep area in your shop

  2. What code requirements (spraying restrictions) pertain to prep areas

  3. How a dual-bay prep booth can speed cycle times and help prevent vehicles from getting backlogged in the repair process

  4. Why an extended-height prep booth is often a wiser investment than an extended-height paint booth

  5. What booth protection products are best for reducing contamination in your prep area 
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