Save time & increase profit with these 5 powder coating technologies.


Powder coating is a messy process, even for the neatest industrial manufacturer or business. Because of the manpower required to clean it up and the high volume of wasted powder, profit margins are sometimes smaller than they could be.

Time spent cleaning up excess powder in your powder coating booth can be drastically reduced and your company’s bottom line can receive a boost when you outfit your new or existing booth with the latest technology.

What you Will Learn:

  1. How you can reclaim wasted powder by incorporating fluidized beds or drawers into your powder booth, saving your business a lot of money and reducing time spent removing wasted powder
  2. Why pulse control technology is beneficial for providing more consistent airflow and better visibility in your powder booth, in addition to keeping filters from excessively loading
  3. How a manual VFD makes controlling airflow in your powder booth easier, helping reduce wasted powder and protecting your employees

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