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The Importance of Pretreatment for Quality Paint & Powder Finishes

Before metal products can be powder coated or sprayed with liquid paint, they have to be pretreated to remove contaminants. Pretreatment is essential to ensuring powder or paint adheres properly to products. It also lays the groundwork for consistent, quality finishes and prevents corrosion from forming on products. 

Proper preparation of your product surface goes a long way in determining the quality of your finish. Which method you choose for pretreatment should be largely based on the condition of your substrate, in combination with the performance requirements of your product related to adhesion. By understanding what is needed to pretreat your product, you can ensure optimal results.

Washing parts in GFS Wash booth before powder coating in GFS Powder booth
GFS Sanding-Grinding Booth with 2 people prepping parts
Sand Blasting Object
GFS Industrial Pretreatment Washer in manufacturing facility
GFS pretreatment washer prepping product before painting
What You will Learn
  1. The most commonly used pretreatment methods, along with recommended equipment for each 

  2. Why cleaning products with a pretreatment washer is more efficient and cost-effective than manually washing parts 

  3. Differences between sandblasting and shotblasting in removing rust, paint or scale from a surface prior to coating so that the coating adheres properly 

  4. The four standards of blasting specified by the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) 

  5. Why the right equipment when sanding or grinding prevents dust from overtaking your shop 
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