Heat up your paint booth this winter with an Air Heater from GFS.


Time to Heat up Your Paint Booth

With winter fast approaching, now is the time to add an Air Heater to your paint booth. A heater allows for environmental temperature control in your paint booth during coating application and curing. By using the cure cycle on your booth, you can significantly increase the productivity of your paint shop, as well as the overall quality of the paint finish. There is also no need to draw air from the facility, which improves working conditions and lowers operating costs.
Automotive Paint Booth Heaters


GFS’ top-of-the-line heat system, GUL2000 Heat Units are standard on all Ultra booths, and can be added to other GFS booth models.


Highly versatile, GFS’ BT1200 heat unit can be placed on the side or rear of a paint booth, and is available in both recirculating and forced-dry models.


GFS’ exclusive roof-integrated SpaceSaver heat system provides high-performance in a low-profile package.

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