GFS’ Premium Automotive Paint Booth Line Since 1999

With exceptional lighting, intuitive controls, premium contamination control and effective overspray capture, high-performance Ultra Paint Booths from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) allow for flawless paint finishes and increased productivity.

Since 1999, GFS’ proven and sought-after Ultra Paint Booth line has been providing body shops and collision centers with high-performance finishing environments for painting automotive vehicles and parts. GFS continually improves its products and components, guaranteeing quality and consistent results throughout the Ultra line.

Available Equipment

Ultra XP1 Paint Booth

Ultra XP1

GFS’ top-of-the-line automotive paint booth, the Ultra XP1 Paint Booth exceeds the automotive industry’s standards for a premium booth. Incorporated into this booth is virtually every feature that sets GFS booths apart from the rest. No other paint booth can match the Ultra XP1’s level of production capability, performance, brightness, contamination control, ease of operation and energy efficiency.
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Ultra XR Paint Booth

Ultra XR

The Ultra XR Paint Booth is a premium downdraft booth that is integrated seamlessly with the REVO Speed — creating a top-of-the-line spraying and curing environment. Integrated overhead rails allow the REVO Speed to move independently alongside the vehicle, rapidly curing coatings as it moves. To make the Ultra XR fully NFPA 33 compliant, pressurized power rails prevent overspray from entering the rails and a pressurized parking garage stores the REVO System to protect the unit from paint buildup and contaminants when not in use.
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Ultra XD Paint Booth

Ultra XD

The Ultra XD Paint Booth leads the industry in versatility and performance. With a choice of high-efficiency heat systems, intuitive control panels and downdraft or semi-downdraft airflow — along with superior lighting and contamination control — the Ultra XD will exceed any body shop’s expectations.
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Ultra XS Paint Booth

Ultra XS

The Ultra XS Paint Booth delivers the quality and performance you’ve come to expect from GFS’ Ultra Booths in a durable, single-skin design. Available with downdraft or semi-downdraft airflow, several heater and control options, and multiple size configurations, the Ultra XS provides flexibility and efficiency to suit the needs of any shop.
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Ultra XL Paint Booth

Ultra XL

With a 12-foot-high ceiling designed for painting Sprinter vans, commercial vehicles and full-size pickup trucks, Ultra XL Paint Booths bring the performance you expect from the Ultra Paint Booth line to an extended range of vehicle sizes and heights. With premium brightness, contamination control, energy efficiency and single- or dual-skin construction, the Ultra XL is the perfect solution for oversized paint jobs.
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Ultra® Benefits


Exclusive to GFS, the Controlled Airflow Ceiling’s patented design maximizes the effectiveness of downdraft Ultra Paint Booths and increases the booth’s overall spray zone with a full-width ceiling plenum. The main airflow zone in the Controlled Airflow Ceiling creates a protective envelope of air around the vehicle, while secondary airflow zones protect booth walls from overspray and keep contaminants out of paint jobs. Between these zones is a row of color-corrected, angled ceiling light fixtures, located directly above the vehicle for optimal illumination.


GFS offers two platform options for Ultra Booth controls — LOGIC and Engage®. With touch screen interfaces, energy-saving settings, spray temperature and booth mode monitoring, booth balancing, self diagnostics and airflow information, both platforms allow painters full
control over the booth.

Economy mode — standard on LOGIC and Engage controls — offers shops savings of up to 60 percent in electricity and 75 percent in fuel costs. This energy-saving feature automatically ramps the booth down and runs on idle when the booth is not in use.


“What I really love about GFS Ultra Paint Booths is that they look very neat, clean and presentable, and they’re easy to take care of. Since we upgraded to GFS paint booths, we’ve noticed a huge difference. The consistency in heating and the curing times have been awesome.

Dave Kindig, Kindig-It Design

“I chose Global Finishing Solutions because of their solid reputation for quality. As I worked with GFS, I found they also have exceptional communication, customer service and technical expertise. I also plan to give tours of the shop, so I want it to look nice. You won’t get a better impression anywhere else. It all fits — nice shop, nice equipment.”

Amar Patel, Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting

“I appreciate that GFS is constantly improving their products. In just the last five years, there have been significant improvements in the AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System in the Ultra Booths — no more blowers in the corners.”

Tiffany Silva, Accurate Auto Body

The airflow is excellent in our GFS paint booth, and with the enhanced lighting, we achieve clean paint jobs every time. We are often complimented on our paint booth layout.”

Danny Szarka, Dynamic Collision Services

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