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Finding Your FLOW

How to Select the Right Airflow Style for Your Industrial Large Equipment Paint Booth

There are many factors to consider when choosing an industrial paint booth for finishing large equipment. You want a booth that is best for your application and suitable for your production volume — both today and in the future.

Choosing the ideal airflow style for your business’ needs is perhaps the most important decision in the purchasing process of a new paint booth. The right booth will set you up for success; however, the wrong one could severely hamper your production.

In this FREE guide from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS), discover everything you need to know about paint booth selection for finishing large equipment. 

What You Will Learn
  1. How laminar airflow in a paint booth can help produce high-quality finishes and reduce rework

  2. The negative effects of an unbalanced paint booth on filters and the exhaust fan

  3. How the three primary airflow styles for industrial large equipment paint booths impact contamination control

  4. Key questions to answer before investing in capital equipment

  5. What to consider when deciding whether to purchase a crossdraft booth or spring for a side downdraft or downdraft booth


Crossdraft airflow

The simplest, most cost-effective configuration, air flows horizontally through a crossdraft booth, parallel to the floor and over the product. Crossdraft airflow starts at the front of the booth, with air entering the booth through either filtered products doors (non-pressurized booths) or an intake chamber (pressurized booths). Air exits the booth through an exhaust plenum located at the rear of the booth.


Side Downdraft Airflow

Side downdraft booths are an economical solution for shops that aren’t able to install a pit. Air comes into the booth through a full-length, filtered ceiling plenum and flows downward over the product. When air reaches the floor, it is pulled into floor-level filtered exhaust plenums on both sides of the booth.


Downdraft Airflow

Generally accepted as the best airflow style, downdraft booths do an excellent job of controlling overspray and contamination. Air enters the booth through a full-length, filtered ceiling plenum. From there, air flows vertically over the product and into the filtered exhaust pit in the floor.



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