From Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS)

GFS has an extensive history of providing a variety of industries with exceptional paint spray booths, powder coating booths and equipment services for paint finishing applications.

GFS offers an incredibly diverse range of products, including:

  • High-quality paint spray booths
  • Efficient powder coating booths
  • Industrial ovens for powder coating
  • Clean environments for abrasive blasting
  • Dust collection modules and systems

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“With the sheer size and precision engineering of our new GFS finishing equipment, we have no doubt we will be able to cut the lead time of other manufacturers in half. We now have more to offer our customers and are able to give them a better product in return.”

Justin Figueroa, Simplified Fabricators

“Our powder coating equipment is very efficient. The oven comes up to temperature much faster, and the materials come up to temperature faster, too. There is an equal distribution of heat — we don’t have a spot where it’s starting to cool and another where it’s 20 degrees cooler, so the quality is a lot better.”

Vinnie Duecker, Metal Coating Specialists

“Our GFS equipment is working out really well. Metal fabrication is a dirty trade, and it has done an excellent job at mitigating dust, keeping everything neater, and the oven holds temperature better. Our paint manager, Bob McDowell, has been in the industry for the last 47 years and said it’s the best equipment he’s ever seen. We have better equipment than any shop he’s ever worked at.”

Tim Herlihy, Creative Manufacturing Solutions

“Many of the manufacturers we researched did not have custom ceiling heights or adequate ductwork or blowers in those systems. GFS was able to design/build our oven to meet our specifications, and working with a local distributor gave us a streamlined process to get the equipment we needed. The custom sizes of the ovens were a big selling point, too. Oven capacity is a huge asset in our business because this allows us to accommodate larger products.”

Ellen Reinig, JAS Powder Coating

“The large size of our booths allows us to focus on large- or small-production runs. We also work on industrial pieces of machinery and equipment, architectural components, wrought iron fences, marine products, pressure vessels, skids, piping and more. Additionally, one of the main reasons why we went with GFS is because the Blast Booth has a rubber liner to deaden the sound from blasting.”

Chris Phillips, Nautilus Powder Coating & Abrasive Blasting

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