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The electric slide

For the past decade, car manufacturers have envisioned electric vehicles becoming mainstream, on roads from the U.S. to Europe to China. Suddenly, yesterday’s dream is close to becoming tomorrow’s reality.

But despite the influx of electric vehicles, paint repairs on electric vehicles continue to be challenging. Because of the powerful battery, electric vehicles are unable to be cured in paint booths at high temperatures. In this FREE guide, learn how automotive body shops and collision repair centers have uncovered more innovative curing methods on electric vehicles, including the implementation of short wave electric infrared (IR) technology, capitalizing on time-saving and revenue-boosting benefits in the quest to stay ahead of the competition.

What you will learn
  1. Why electric vehicles are unable to be cured in a normal paint booth cure cycle

  2. How much money your shop can save by avoiding prolonged electric vehicle repairs

  3. Why car manufacturers have released statements warning against overheating the battery on electric vehicles

  4. How electric vehicles can quickly and safely be cured, without disconnecting the high-voltage system or using an extended low bake cycle or express-style clear coats

  5. How your shop can capitalize on the rollout of Amazon’s Rivian Prime vans and other new fleet customers with Rivian vans
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