Discover how the investment in an extended height paint booth is a game-changer for most shops.

Boosting Your Shop’s Bottom Line with an Extended Height Paint Booth

When outfitting your automotive body shop or collision repair center with a new paint booth, going taller could be the best investment for your business. An extended height paint booth for repairing crossovers, SUVs and trucks, as well as Sprinter vans and commercial vehicles, opens the door to a plethora of new ways to profit. Shops can benefit from an additional revenue stream, without requiring extra labor.

And once your business has established that it can accommodate larger vehicles, new customers will likely come knocking as frequently as existing ones.In this FREE guide from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS), discover how the investment in an extended height paint booth is a game-changer for most shops, providing a boost to their bottom line and saving on the expense of purchasing a second booth.

What You will Learn
  1. What market conditions make taller paint booths better for refinishing crossovers, SUVs and trucks

  2. Why extra height in a paint booth is a welcome sight for technicians, enabling them to reduce cycle times for larger repairs

  3. The benefits of GFS’ exclusive Controlled Airflow (CAF) Ceiling on extended height Ultra XL Paint Booths

  4. Whether the addition of a second paint booth is a wise investment for your shop

  5. The impact of electric vehicles, most notably Amazon’s new Rivian Prime vans, on the collision repair market
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