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The most versatile single-stage exhaust filter media made for paint booths, GFS Wave accommodates all coatings and a variety of spray applications, from clear coats to high solids paints.

With an exceptional removal efficiency rating of 99.94 percent, GFS Wave filters minimize particle emissions. In addition to protecting the environment, a clean exhaust air stream shields the paint booth’s exhaust chamber, ductwork and fan from overspray accumulation.

The convoluted design of GFS Wave filters maximizes surface area for exceptional depth loading and holding capacity. By effectively capturing and retaining overspray, GFS Wave filters reduce runoff. This results in less cleanup on the floor of the paint booth and quicker, more efficient filter changes.

GFS Wave Filters

Excellent Depth Loading & Efficiency

With a high holding capacity of 4.4 pounds, GFS Wave paint booth filters are designed to depth load with minimal face loading for a longer filter life and excellent performance. The 99.94 percent particle removal efficiency minimizes particle emissions, protecting the environment and shielding the paint booth’s exhaust chamber, ductwork and fan from overspray accumulation.


GFS Wave filters are available in pads or rolls in a variety of sizes to accommodate paint booths of all sizes and production needs. Wave filter pads help reduce waste and save money, as you can replace each pad individually once it is soiled. Alternatively, Wave filter rolls are excellent options for high-production businesses.

Part No. Size Qty per Box
1008075 20″ x 20″ 30
1008077 20″ x 25″ 30
Part No. Size Qty per Box
1008078 20″ x 30′ 1 roll
1008079 24″ x 30′ 1 roll
1008080 30″ x 24′ 1 roll
1008081 30″ x 30′ 1 roll
1008083 30″ x 50′ 1 roll
1050843 30″ x 60′ 1 roll
1008084 36″ x 30′ 1 roll
1050844 36″ x 60′ 1 roll
1008086 40″ x 30′ 1 roll
1008087 45″ x 30′ 1 roll
1013183 45″ x 48′ 1 roll
1008089 48″ x 30′ 1 roll
1050845 48″ x 60′ 1 roll
1008091 54″ x 30′ 1 roll
1008092 60″ x 30′ 1 roll
1050846 60″ x 60′ 1 roll
1008094 80″ x 20′ 1 roll
GFS Wave Exhaust Filters

Code Compliance

GFS WAVE exhaust filter material complies with

OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration
NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
UL 900 – Underwriter Laboratories
GFS Wave Filters
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