Breaking Down Code Compliance & ROI

For Refinishing Heavy-Duty Trucks 

Discover the Keys to Maximizing Your Investment Without Compromising Safety

Repair facilities must not only meet local regulations, they must ensure the safety of their employees. Increase your ROI with the correct heavy-duty paint booth to meet the demands of your body shop, along with an effective preventative maintenance program. In this FREE on-demand webinar, Troy Volbrecht of Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) breaks down the importance of code compliance for your refinishing equipment. Register now to find out how to be code compliant, incorporate safety, and drive efficiency and profitability through your paint department. 

What You Will Learn
  1. The importance of making certain your paint booth is code complaint, so your workers are protected and your equipment is not at risk of failure  
  1. How to select equipment that best meets your production requirements to give your shop’s bottom line a boost 
  1. What to consider when deciding between semi-downdraft airflow and downdraft airflow for your heavy-duty paint booth
  1. How the addition of accelerated curing methods can help your shop save time and increase throughput 
  1. Why investing in an effective preventative maintenance program can provide peace of mind that your equipment will last for the long haul 
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