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Banking on Bigger Profits

With a Calculated Approach to a Heavy-Duty Truck Paint Booth Investment

Expanding your collision repair facility’s paint services to include heavy-duty trucks and other large equipment can enable your shop to maximize its service capabilities and increase revenue. Like all capital equipment purchases, doing due diligence is important before making an investment and training your technicians. This FREE guide will walk you through the process of purchasing, using and maintaining paint booths for heavy-duty trucks, such as semis, buses and RVs. 

What You Will Learn
  1. How to determine what size of heavy-duty truck paint booth makes the most sense for your shop

  2. What airflow style works best for your finishing process when repairing heavy-duty trucks and other large equipment

  3. Best practices for painting in a heavy-duty truck paint booth

  4. How to maintain cleanliness and make your heavy-duty truck paint booth investment last for the long haul

  5. What to look for in a paint booth manufacturer when purchasing a heavy-duty truck paint booth

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