Improve your paint booth lighting with LED lamps & reflectors.
GFS LED Replacement Lamp
*Up to 40 percent energy savings!

led lamps

An ideal energy-saving choice for your paint booth or other finishing equipment, LED T8 Lamps can be easily integrated into any new or existing Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) equipment, without having to change the fixture. LED lamps feature:

  • Up to 40 percent energy savings
  • Easy retrofits and integration
  • Instant On — No flicker or buzz
  • Long-lasting performance, with up to a 36,000-hour lifespan
  • Three-year warranty
  • ETL and ETL-C listing


Increase the luminosity of your paint booth by 20 percent!

Light reflectors can easily be installed behind fluorescent light tubes, achieving the same level of luminosity with fewer bulbs, saving energy and maintenance costs. GFS’ unique reflector shape and material focuses more light where you need it most, efficiently directing light toward the working area of your paint booth. This simple upgrade is available for GFS four- or six-tube light fixtures.

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LED lamps are compatible with GFS linear light fixtures, including inside access paint booth light fixtures and general purpose light fixtures. When retrofitting, it’s as simple as changing out the tubes. No rewiring is required because the LED lamps use existing electrical wiring.


LED Lamps turn on instantly at full luminosity, with no flicker or buzz.


When switching to LED lamps, existing GFS linear light fixtures maintain their original ETL listing since they use the existing electrical wiring. New GFS light fixtures with LED lamps are also ETL listed.


LED T8 Lamps emit virtually no UV or IR light, and don’t contain mercury, allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal. Waste is minimized when switching to LED since the tubes can be installed in existing light fixtures.


You do not have to worry about dropping and shattering your LED lamps. InstantFit LED Lamps are glass-free, creating safer working conditions.


LED T8 Lamps offer significant energy savings — up to 40 percent* when compared to traditional fluorescent 32W T8 systems. Lower energy consumption allows for short payback periods, making it more cost-effective to upgrade to LED lamps.

*Actual savings depend on your system configuration.

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