Global Finishing Solutions’ most affordable automotive paint booth, the Performer ES is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized shops looking for an all-in-one paint environment. The Performer ES is also ideal for industrial shops and businesses painting small equipment or parts. Although available at a lower price point, this popular booth features the quality and reliability that you’ve come to expect from GFS.

“The Performer ES Paint Booth has been working out great — I’ve used a lot of spray booths over the years, and they definitely weren’t like this. There’s plenty of room, and the windows and doors make it seem even bigger. I have a non-heated crossdraft model, and it’s an easy conversion to add on a baking cycle, so that would be the next step. This would offer even faster drying times and throughput.”

Tim Holmstadt, Holmstadt Collision & Restoration

Paint booth with collector car

“Our Performer ES Paint Booth works really well and exceeds our quality expectations. We are way more efficient with it. We now have a dedicated location for painting and priming that is clean, contained and healthier! It also keeps everything a lot more consistent. Curing times have been a lot better, and there’s no solvent popping. It also seems like it reduced our wet sanding and buffing time already.”

Molly Gursky, Driven Restorations

“I knew a GFS paint booth was the right choice when I was planning my startup. I liked the look of the Performer ES – that’s what initially led me to it. I use it every day, and I like that the intake is up high, so the air is cleaner, which means my paint jobs are also cleaner.”

Bradley Munderloh, Black Cat Paint & Body

Car inside of Performer ES Spray Booth

“The lighting in our Performer ES Paint Booth is really great. I used to wear a light on my head just to see what I was doing. The airflow is also miles apart from before — it was just so hard to get air in.”

Steve Gursky, Driven Restorations

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Semi Downdraft paint booth

The Performer ES Paint Booth comes complete with everything you need to operate it, including light fixtures and bulbs, filters, air solenoid valves and door limit switches for code compliance. Heated booth model also includes intake and exhaust ductwork. All GFS booths are ETL listed.

EASy TO UPGRADE & Add options

Available upgrade options include white pre-coated panels, heaters and advanced control packages to set your shop up for success. Add a heater when you are ready, whether that is now or down the road.


GFS has an extensive distribution network that you can count on for local support with booth installation, service and replacement parts, as well as an unmatched technical services department that works from our headquarters in Osseo, Wisconsin.

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