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How to Achieve Code Compliance & Maximize Your Investment

Adding a heavy duty paint booth for oversized trucks and vehicles can create new ways for your collision repair center to profit, with more service opportunities, an increased market share and much greater profit margins.

Heavy duty truck spray booths from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) are big enough to accommodate semis, buses, RVs and more. The purchase of a heavy duty truck paint booth can be a game-changer for automotive body shops, increasing their physical booth footprint and giving a boost to their bottom line.

However, as repair of heavy duty trucks becomes increasingly sophisticated, body shops feel pressure to ensure their operations are positioned for success, not only for today but well into the future. For body shops repairing heavy duty trucks, code compliance should be a top priority, as the safety of workers and protection of equipment are at stake. Making sure you select equipment that is best for your operation is also crucial, and investing in your equipment through preventative maintenance can pay long-term dividends.

What You Will Learn
  1. What is needed for spray booths to be code complaint, so your workers are protected and your equipment is not at risk of failure

  2. How installation plans are developed so that important questions are answered before construction begins

  3. Why selecting equipment that best meets production requirements is needed to give your shop’s bottom line a boost

  4. Which airflow style (semi-downdraft or downdraft) is best for your application and how accelerated curing methods can increase throughput

  5. How investing in an effective preventative maintenance program can provide peace of mind that equipment will last for the long haul

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