REVO Rapid MC2


Drastically reduce the time it takes to complete spot repairs with the REVO Rapid MC2 Accelerated Curing System from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS). This versatile curing unit uses short wave electric infrared technology to cure primer on two different panels in less than 11 minutes. With temperature sensors on each cassette, REVO Rapid MC2 quickly cures coatings on two different substrates at the same time, while maintaining proper temperature. Available on a cart with heavy-duty wheels, REVO Rapid MC2 is easy to integrate and move around your shop.

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Put Through One More Car Per Day

Every minute counts in today’s body shops. REVO Accelerated Curing Systems speed up the entire refinish process from primer to clear coat with short wave electric infrared technology. On primer alone, REVO Rapid cures more than 20 minutes faster than standard heat lamps. Saving 20 minutes per repair can enable most shops to put through one additional car per day, making a significant impact on your bottom line.


With the average U.S. work order around $3,000 and an average gross profit of 40 percent, most shops are making $1,200 in gross profit per vehicle. Putting through one more car per day with REVO Rapid means the potential of $288,000 of additional gross profit per year. Even if a shop only puts through one more car per week, that is still $62,400 of additional gross profit per year.

Cure Two Panels & Different Substrates

With the dual-cassette REVO Rapid, you can quickly cure filler and coatings on two different vehicles or panels at the same time. The REVO Rapid has dual sensors, and each cassette can be individually controlled. This allows you to safely and efficiently cure coatings on two different substrates, such as a plastic bumper and a steel door, simultaneously.

Quick Heating & Cooling Times

Lamps on the REVO Rapid reach curing temperature almost instantly. Built-in fans cool the unit down in seconds. The system can be turned on only when needed and is safe to touch shortly after being turned off.

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