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SLIDING to Efficiency

How Side-Load Systems are Helping Body Shops Increase Throughput & Maximize Profit

Discover the Benefits of Processing 1 More Car Per Day with a Side-Load System

For collision repair centers trying to push more cars through their paint department, “working harder in the shop” used to be their battle cry. Unknowingly, a lack of hard work was typically not the problem. Their lack of efficiency was the bigger culprit.

Years of technological advancements and the development of efficiency boosting equipment — including side-load systems — have drastically changed the way body shops operate. Gone are the days of stepping over dollars to pick up dimes. Shops now think and function differently, with an eye on equipment that can maximize efficiency for the betterment of their bottom line. 

An increasingly popular piece of finishing equipment, side-load systems are typically paired with paint booths and prep areas to improve productivity and make the most of shop space. In this FREE guide, learn how side-load systems increase production by eliminating masking and unmasking in the booth and can save up to 15 minutes per cycle, helping generate a minimum of one more car per day for your shop an additional $312,000 per year in gross profit.

What you will learn
  1. How vehicles that do not start can still be moved into a paint booth with a side-load system

  1. What components of a station-by-station, systematic approach to collision repair maximize the efficiency of a side-load system

  1. How side-load systems help shops streamline operations and avoid bottlenecks in their workflow 

  1. What type of repairs are best suited for side-load systems featuring quick lanes

  1. How much additional gross profit your shop can generate by processing one more vehicle per day
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GFS Side-Load system
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