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Improve Finish Quality & Control Contamination with Proper Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is an essential, yet often forgotten part of the coating application process. By cleaning and prepping metal products before they are powder coated or sprayed with liquid paint, your coating better bonds to the metal and can withstand exterior weathering. Investing in surface preparation equipment can pay dividends for your business by promoting consistent, quality finishes, preventing corrosion from forming on products and keeping your production running smoothly.

Available Equipment
GFS blasting booth

Blast Booths

Blast Booths from GFS provide a safe, efficient environment for abrasive blasting, an alternative to chemical stripping. A blast booth prevents blast media from exiting the enclosure, keeping your shop free of contaminants. GFS Blast Booths are custom engineered and designed to meet your specific requirements.

Dust Collection Booths

GFS offers two models of Dust Collection Booths for sanding and grinding applications. With an open-face design, high-capacity fan and filtration, GFS Dust Collection Booths capture dust while recirculating clean air. Keeping dust off surrounding surfaces promotes cleaner paint jobs and protects your employees from breathing in unhealthy air.

Pretreatment washers

Designed for high-production operations, Industrial Pretreatment Washers from GFS are used for cleaning metal and plastic substrates prior to liquid or powder coating, as well as before and after machining or forming components. Industrial Pretreatment Washers provide a highly efficient environment for washing processes and are often designed with separate housing sections to accommodate multiple pretreatment stages.

Surface Prep - Washer

Wash Booths

Wash Booths from GFS are safe, controlled environments for manually spraying, cleaning and rinsing solutions. Available in an open face or enclosed design with a drain in the floor, GFS Wash Booths enable parts to be sprayed (liquid blasted) with solutions, then dried with ambient air or in an oven before coating application. This controlled environment helps ensure that parts are cleaned properly — the first step in achieving a high-quality finish.



Global Finishing Solutions is experienced at designing and building state-of-the-art finishing equipment for the preparation, application, curing and storage of paint and coatingsIndustrial manufacturers and businesses of all sizes continue to come back to GFS for consistent, quality equipment every time.

Large Blast Booth


In addition to standard models and options, GFS has the resources and expertise to custom engineer equipment and complete finishing solutions to meet customers’ unique needs and specifications. Our custom engineered solutions provide the same exceptional quality and performance you expect from GFS in a truly one-of-a-kind booth for painting products and parts.


You can rely on GFS and our experienced distribution network for lifelong support of your surface preparation equipment. GFS’ Technical Services department and a local distributor will assist you with any repairs or maintenance issues to ensure your equipment is running in peak condition.

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