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Transforming Your Prep Area

Small Improvements to Make a Big Impact on Your Body Shop

The prep area is gradually becoming a focal point for more and more collision repair centers. Now that automotive refinish painting has become more procedure-driven, body shops are changing the way they operate. Otherwise, they risk being squeezed out by their competitors and insurance companies. In this FREE guide, discover the technical advancements in automotive refinish painting that have heightened the importance of the prep area, such as placing a greater emphasis on quick lane integration, contamination control and proper lighting.

What You will Learn
  1. What changes in sanding processes are needed with waterborne paint, specifically specialty colored tints known as quad coats

  2. Why a dedicated space, such as a Closed-Top, Open-Front (CTOF) Booth from GFS, is essential for your prep area

  3. How performing prep work in a dedicated space aids in contamination control

  4. How high-quality lighting in your prep area can produce better visibility and help you avoid costly rework
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